Toad in a hole



4 Responses to “Toad in a hole”

  1. twhid Says:

    c’mon, you gotta tell me. what’s in there?

  2. admin Says:

    toad in the hole. it’s english comfort food. look at the link for the recipe

  3. Coversyl Says:

    Hi, I am dutch and I work on a project about England. I think I am going to make toad-in-a-hole, but because I don’t know how it should look like if its ready, I think I will fale in making them.

    xxx Coversyl

  4. admin Says:

    Hello Coversyl. An English friend made the dish in the photo. It was almost ready when I took this shot. Take a look at the recipe link under the photo and I’m sure you will do fine. Good luck with your project. If you get a chance, send a note on how it turned out.

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