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tintype is sleeping (rem)

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Hello all,

A few people have asked so I thought it would be good to mention. I’ve placed Tintype, this here photo blog, on hiatus until after MTAA’s February performance at SFMOMA . Until then feel free to dig around the archive, or take a look at my flickr site for more photos.

The rest of this post is a bit of R and D for the show. Below are the top You Tube search result for each of the songs on REM’s 1992 album, Automatic for The People. This album was voted to somehow function as the clock in our performance. A few of the clips are the original music videos and some are fan art. Enjoy and please stop back in Feb 09

“Drive” – 4:31

“Try Not to Breathe” – 3:50

“The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite” – 4:06

“Everybody Hurts” – 5:17

“New Orleans Instrumental No. 1″ – 2:13

“Sweetness Follows” – 4:19

“Monty Got a Raw Deal” – 3:17

“Ignoreland” – 4:24

“Star Me Kitten” – 3:15

“Man on the Moon” – 5:13

“Nightswimming” – 4:16

“Find the River” – 3:50