Over The Opening

Once a month, from 7PM to 10PM, the artist collective MTAA convert their N6th St. Brooklyn studio into a venue for the presentation of time-based art.

Thursday, August 30, 2012



Once a month from 2007 to 2009, MTAA invited artist to present work in our North 6th street studio. Over the years, we presented 24 one night exhibitions and 1 online artwork under the name Over The Opening (OTO).

In this time, we showed a few bands, a few video installations, a tamale instructional, a LAN party, some durational performances,  a wall to wall ballon filled environment, a sound work with a low frequency brown note, and a virtual make out.  We gave away paintings, held spoken word karaoke, and held an iPod drum circle in a public park. All of these wonderful artworks and more found temporary homes under the name OTO . The one thing we never did, and I always regretted not doing, was present a formal exhibition of art. That is, until now.

Please join as Over The Opening temporally resurfaces for one night on September 7, from 7pm to 10pm, with #otoshow26. The exhibition presents the works of Michael Buckland, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Steve Ott, Shannon Sberna, and Michael Sarff.


more photos from the event in the #otoshow26 flickr set

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Indulgences 2010

10 Untitled Drawings (Indulgences), 2010

“…the full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven.” - Wikipedia

Back in in the fall of 2007, MTAA began to invite artists and art collectives to present one-night exhibitions of time based art in their Brooklyn studio. This ongoing monthly event, Over The Opening (OTO), operated as a blurring of studio space, exhibition venue, social experiment and media laboratory. The artists who worked with OTO represented a diverse range of practices. Using mediated performances, theatrical productions, participatory events, and conceptual lectures, artist who participated in OTO shared interest in how the digital world intersects within the corporeal.

On December 10 of 2009, after 24 exhibitions, MTAA put Over the Opening (OTO) to sleep.

In spring of 2010, MTAA began sending co-editing invites to artist for Goggle doc drawings. The ten invites, sent out without instruction or further information, have resulted in the following 10 collaborative, web based and ongoing drawings.

Untitled Drawing #1 (MTAA)
Untitled Drawing #2 (MTTA+Stern)
Untitled Drawing #3 (MTAA+Olson)
Untitled Drawing #4 (MTAA+Cloninger)
Untitled Drawing #5 (MTAA+Mandiberg)
Untitled Drawing #6 (MTAA+RSG)
Untitled Drawing #7 (MTAA.+Renda+Poe)
Untitled Drawing #8 (MTAA+Abrahams)
Untitled Drawing #9 (MTAA+Ramocki)
Untitled Drawing #10 (MTAA+Garnett)

Seen together, these 10 drawings represent Over The Opening’s 2010 exhibition titled Indulgences.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

OTO Hibernation

OTO will be in hibernation for the time being as MTAA works on some projects in the studio. In the meantime, please visit the OTO Show Archive.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Purple Reign

OTO is pleased to present Brinson Renda, Preston Poe and Michael Sarff ’s The Purple Reign - live and prerecorded dramatic readings of the 1984 classic Purple Rain

Prerecorded readings at The Purple Reign’s YouTube channel -


Installation for live readings Dec 3rd to 12th at Digi a Go Go  - 2724 NW 2 Avenue, Miami, FL 33127 - corner of NW 2nd Ave & 28th St. Opening Friday Dec 4, 2009 from 7-11pm

This will be the last OTO project for the near future.

purple reign in miami

more photos from The Purple Reign in Miami on Flickr

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SUBWAY • 1 • 2 • 3

SUBWAY • 1 • 2 • 3

On Saturday November 21, from 7 to 10pm, Over The Opening is pleased to present
SUBWAY • 1 • 2 • 3, a new three-channel projection by G.H. Hovagimyan.

The subway is a defining urban experience across cultures. Underground and in the subconscious, every rider experiences a disjunctive experience when entering one place and emerging in a different one. In day to day experience, time spent on a subway ride can resemble lost footage between cuts in a movie. But when a movie includes scenes shot in a subway, the subway passage becomes a shared, collective experience. Familiarity with subway scenes from movies have become part of the contemporary vernacular, creating “Oh I remember that film!” reactions. Movie scenes shot in subways also trigger deeper feelings as the viewer defines and redefines personal and shared experiences. In the work I have created using subway scenes from movies, narrative conventions of standard film techniques have been removed to further the exploration of submerged emotions.

The installation includes three video loops of one hour each. The piece is designed as a three-panel projection with the three loops running simultaneously. Since the individual movie clips in each loop are of varying aspect ratios, I selected a standard 1280 x 720 pixel ratio and fit the clips into that size. By doing that, some of the clips are squeezed into higher definition and others become pixilated. The use of translation and codec problems, and the variations produced by varied definition are an integral part of the work. Visual association, media memory, and a collective experience can be furthered by asking the viewer to adapt to differences. Copyright issues are addressed as the completed artwork is composed entirely of re-purposed cinema found solely on the Internet.

The complete subway movie list is provided below for reference. The movies with dots after their names had subway sequences that I gleaned from the Internet and are included in the work.

48 Hrs
A Taste of Tea‚•
Adventures in Baby-Sitting‚•
After Hours‚•
Along Came A Spider
American Werewolf In London
American Werewolf In Paris‚•
Annie Hall
Bang the drum slowly
Barbershop 2: Back In Business
Beethoven Virus‚•
Bless the Child
Bless the Child trailer‚•
Brother From Another Planet‚•
Carlito’s Way‚•
Conspiracy Theory
Die Another Day
Die Hard With a Vengance
Do the Right Thing
End of Days
FBI Story
Getting Even With Dad
Inner Circle‚•
Jacob’s Ladder Cowboy Way
Crocodile Dundee
Daybreak Express‚•
Death Wish
Little Fugitive
Little Nicky
Lost in Translation
Malcolm X
Marathon Man
Matrix Revolutions
Men in Black 2
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Meat Train‚•
Money Train
Mr. Wonderful
My Best Friends Wedding
My Boss’s Daughter
My Dinner with Andre
Naked City
Neverwhere (Neil Gaimens )
Next Stop Greenwich
North by Northwest
Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
On The Line
Passer By
Pickup On South Street‚•
Predator II
Prizzi’s Honor
Pursuit of Happyness
Quartermass and the Pit‚•
Resident Evil?
Risky Buisness
Rosemary’s Baby
Rules of Attraction
Saturday Night Fever
Seven Year Itch‚•
Silver Streak Just Another Girl on the IRT
King Kong‚•
King of Comedy
King of New York‚•
Sleeper Cell‚•
Sliding Doors
songs from the 2nd floor
Step Up 2‚•
Strange Days
Subway (by Luc Besson)‚•
Suicide Club‚•
Taxi Driver
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze
Three and Out‚•
Total Recall
Train Simulator‚•
Twelve Angry Men
volcano ‚•
Waking the Dead‚•
Weekend at Bernie’s II
West Side Story
When Harry met Sally
While you were Sleeping
Wings of Desire‚•
Wrong Man
You’ve Got Mail

Update - documentation from the event

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

youTunes: a performance sound project with Preston Poe and Kyle Hester


On October 10, 2009 from 7pm to 10pm, Over The Opening is pleased to present “YouTunes”: a performance sound project with Preston Poe and Kyle Hester.

YouTunes is a personalized song customization and distribution system. Poe and Hester invite you to participate by filling out a simple primarily multiple-choice form. Based on your answers, the artists will craft a custom-made song just for you.

“We’ll write, play, sing, record and burn a CD just for you on the spot- all for 99 centavos”

In an effort to compete with iTunes, the artists will be charging 99 cents per song. You bring a dollar bill and they will give you back your very own song burnt on CD and penny for your thoughts change. Choose your themes, rhythm, key phrases, and musical style, and they will match it to a carefully considered, spontaneous, personally crafted melody - with lyrics to boot!

Poe and Hester’s cache of musical YouTunes styles and instruments includes (but is not limited to) Theremin, electric “micro” pipe organ, washtub, fingerpickin’ guitar, ukulele, various percussion instruments, and many other surprises.

Free beer and wine will be on hand as well as a variety of international culinary tastes that will appeal to one and all.

Update - documentation from the youTunes event

You Tunes at OTO

some photos from You Tunes at OTO last night on Flickr

Participants answer questions on a form, such as favorite superhero or cake. The You Tunes band (Preston Poe, Kyle Hester, David and Tara Gladden, Monica Hurtado and Clinton Wilkins) with about 1 min prep, played your song and burned it on CD. They asked Tim and I to kick it off by attempting to each do a song. Here are the awkward-but-fun results.

M.River Song by T.Whid
T.Whid’s Song By M.River

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

World’s First, Possibly Only and Probably Last iPhone Drum Circle (aka IPDC)

ipdc poster

OTO and Conflux09 are proud to present MTAA + Mike Koller’s World’s First, Possibly Only and Probably Last iPhone Drum Circle (aka IPDC)

Who: MTAA in collaboration with Mike Koller and anyone with an iPhone and a drum or bongo application.
What: a 1-hour iPhone drum circle in a park.
Where: McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Driggs and union near Green Dome Garden).
When: September 20, 2009 from 2 to 3pm
Why: it is an idea that needs to be attempted at least once.

Rain location at OTO - 60 North 6th Street 2nd floor

Update - documentation from the IPDC event


IPDC Flicker Set
2 short quicktime clips
Teck Si-Fi Jam
Pet Sounds

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Friday, July 3, 2009

oto is out for the summer


OTO is on vacation. We will be back in September. In the meantime, please visit our archive of past shows.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

photos from the Feraliminal Lycanthroparty

The Feraliminal Lycanthroparty

some photos from Kai’s OTO, The Feraliminal Lycanthroparty, now up on OTO’s Flickr set


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Feraliminal Lycanthroparty

The Feraliminal Lycanthropizer

On June 13th from 7 to 10pm, OTO is pleased to present a new sound environment by Kai Vierstra

The Feraliminal Lycanthroparty is a celebration of one of the most diabolically wacky inventions science has ever seen (or at least whispered about). It’s the feraliminal lycanthropizer and it’s a low frequency thanato-auric wave generator, and it’s at OTO for one night only. Expect some serious relaxation of muscles and mores with vibrations and party favors. It’s gonna be an awesome night. The feraliminal lycanthroparty is brought to you by the Brooklyn based artist, Kai Vierstra, who bases this and most all his other work on the continuation of what little he knows and can guess about his father’s wave research with MIT/Lincoln Laboratory’s group 38 “Air Defense Systems”.

For more information on the feraliminal lycanthropizer, please visit-

and for more of Kai’s work - http://kaivierstra.com

documentation from this event

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