M.River & T.Whid Art Associates' 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (Even in This Room, Insulated From the Laws of The External City, One May Find Oneself Lost in a Crowd...)

The Eighth 10 Steps The Surface to the Hand, the Hand to the Wall, Wall to the Room, Room in a City

70. Above Position Seven (AKA Escape...), outside of the spiral, draw a small box about the size of your hand. date:

71. Place your left hand inside the box. date:

72. With your pencil, trace the the outline of your hand on the wall. date:

73. Name this box Position Eight (AKA Surface...), write this name on the top of this box. date:

74. Write your name inside the outline of the hand. date:

75. Write 9/9 under your name. date:

76. Write MTAA under 9/9. date:

77. Write the date that you began the 99 Steps under MTAA. date:

78. Leave a space for the date of completion. This date should be filled in as the last mark on the wall after the fulfillment of Step 99. Also, Please remember to check off, circle etc. all previous instructions from now until the end of the 99 Steps. date:

79. Draw a line from Position Eight to the bowler hat of Position Five (AKA Teleporter). Place an arrow point at both ends of this line.( ) date:

80. Please write the following words on the line 'Even in this room, insulated from the laws of the external city, one may find themselves lost in a crowd...'. After this title, create another title of your own. Place it on the wall above this line. date:

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