M.River & T.Whid Art Associates' 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (Even in This Room, Insulated From the Laws of The External City, One May Find Oneself Lost in a Crowd...)

The Seventh 10 Steps Escape Velocity as a Means of Passing Time

60. Return to Position One (AKA Lascaux). Using a straight edge, make an X by connecting the corners of the rectangle you traced. date:

61. Draw a horizontal arrow from the center of the X to some empty space away from Position One (AKA Lascaux). date:

62. If the center of the X in Position One (AKA Lascaux) has a name under it, transfer that name to the end of the arrow. If the center of the X did not have a name under it , write the words 'Event Horizon' at the end of the arrow. date:

63. Circle the area at the end of this arrow. this will now be known as Position Seven (AKA Escape... ). Write this name on the circle. date:

64. Place your pencil in the center of Position Seven (AKA Escape..). Begin to draw a spiral moving outward from the center of Position Seven (AKA Escape...). As you draw the spiral, do not remove your pencil from the wall. Continue the spiral for a least 99 seconds. Time yourself by counting out loud. It would be best if the spiral begins with just the arc of your fingers and ends with a complete arc of your arm. date:

65. I've lost my way again. Somehow this is not working. This Position is locked into a logic (or pattern) that cannot be resolved. Nihilism was not my intent here. Place your ear to the wall at the center of this Position. Wait... wait... wait... date:

66. No, nothing. This Position is a loss...just wait. date:

67. The sun is setting in Brooklyn, smoke a cigarette with me now. If you do not smoke, eat something or have a drink...anything to pass some time... date:

68. The 99 Steps has no goal. It holds no underlying thesis or meaning for me. It is an act of writing as well as an act of imaging. I will never 'see' your drawing nor create one for myself. Before, when I made physical things, there would always be a point at which I would stop and wonder if it would be necessary to finish. It is at this point where we now find ourselves. Wait...Wait... date:

69. To continue on is not a sign of resolve nor is stopping a sign of weakness. It is only a choice among many. Decide what you want or need out of this. date:

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