M.River & T.Whid Art Associates' 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (Even in This Room, Insulated From the Laws of The External City, One May Find Oneself Lost in a Crowd...)

The Sixth 10 Steps Also Known As Remote Art Imaging

M River-Hi, we're going to switch to a script format for just a second while I introduce the other half of MT Art Associates, my partner T. Whid.

T. Whid-Hello all (waves).

M. River-Although a voice named 'I' has been speaking with you so far, this voice is a composite of T. Whid and M. River. T. Whid-Although M. River generates a primary 'I' text, it is never left in that state. Please remember that the 99 Steps project is not a personal journal but an act of late 20th century art which is created through a collaboration between 9/9, MT Art Associates and yourself. M River-In order to get into the logic of this a little further, please follow the next 10 Steps.

50. Find another person to work with you on the next 10 Steps. This person does not have to be present in the room. Review with them what you have done so far. Tell them your general feelings about the project. date:

51. Following the system of the 99 Steps, choose the location of Position Six. date:

52. Name it. (talk it over with your partner) date:

53. In Position Six, write instructions for an action. Number the instructions 54-58. date:

54. Do your #54. date:

55. Do your #55. date:

56. Do not do your #56. date:

57. Do your #57. date:

58. Do your #58 (reminder: continue to mark and record your Steps in Position One and on this 99 Steps chart). date:

59. Send/give your partner documentation of the last 10 Steps. date:

The Next Set of 10