M.River & T.Whid Art Associates' 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (Even in This Room, Insulated From the Laws of The External City, One May Find Oneself Lost in a Crowd...)

The Fifth 10 Steps Teleporter, or A Taxi-Ride Away

41. Stand with your back to the wall at Position One (AKA Lascaux). date:

42. Using a pencil, trace the outline of your body. Begin with you feet and work upwards. You will probably have to cheat a little to complete the outline, but that's okay. If the outline runs over previous information, that's okay too. date:

43. Name your outline Position Five (AKA Teleporter...). Write this name in the area that your right hand occupied. date:

44. I am riding in a taxi as the sun is setting in the spring. I am writing these words with a pencil onto white paper. These words will end up typed into my computer, edited, sent to my partner T.Whid (more on T.Whid in the next 10 Steps) who will edit and design them. After that, somehow they will go to you. Please, sit down and read this. Take a moment to make your marks in the correct positions as I ramble for a moment. date:

45. Let's go back to the backseat of a taxi in New York, in Spring. I have just finished working for 12 straight hours and my body is tired. This is why the 99 Steps are written in this manner. They are only created in the breaks of the day. They cannot be physical things or my body would break in two. But do not misunderstand, I am happy as I ride home, looking at the city and thinking of you. Please take your pencil and trace over the outline of your body in Position Five (AKA Teleporter...). Make the line dark and solid. date:

46. Why am I happy riding home? A few hours ago I held Magritte's black bowler hat in my hands and thought of you. As I held the hat, I thought of Magritte's every man/worker floating over the city. The hat is the crown of the nameless and I knew that I must give it to you. Over your head in Position Five (AKA Teleporter...) draw a bowler hat. I recommend using two lines, like this....(O. date:

47. Write over your hat, 'This is not a city'. date:

48. Shade in your hat so that it is almost black. date:

49. In the black of the hat, write your name. date:

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