M.River & T.Whid Art Associates' 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (Even in This Room, Insulated From the Laws of The External City, One May Find Oneself Lost in a Crowd...)

The Fourth 10 Steps The Distance Between Them, or Wild West

31. Draw an arrow from the left side of Position One (AKA Lascaux). Let this arrow length be determined by how long you may draw a horizontal line before you run into an obstacle (i.e., furniture, another wall, or wall decoration such as a painting). date:

32. Please label this ending point Position Four (AKA Wild West). date:

33. In this location write down 10 names of people you have lost contact with physically or mentally. date:

34. If any name corresponds to a name in Position One (AKA Lascaux), Place an 'X' over the name in Position One (AKA Lascaux) and draw an arrow across the wall to the name in Position Four (AKA Wild West). date:

35. On each line from Position One (AKA Lascaux) to Position Four (AKA Wild West) write either the word 'Far' or 'Near'. Place this word on the line half way between Position One (AKA Lascaux) and Position Four (AKA Wild West). date:

36. I am thinking again of you and of a man on a ship to America (running away? running to?). There is nothing to do for this Step, just think about the ocean when you cannot see the land. date:

37. Continue to cross out, circle and transpose the appropriate numbers for the Steps. date:

38. Sit with your back to the wall under the space between Position One (AKA Lascaux) and Position Four (AKA Wild West). Make sure the back of your head touches the wall. date:

39. Move your head slightly away from the wall (about 10cm). With a quick snap of your neck, move your head back until it hits the wall. Hold still. date:

40. On the mark (or lack of mark) where the back of your head contacted the wall, write the word 'adrift'. date:

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