M.River & T.Whid Art Associates' 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (Even in This Room, Insulated From the Laws of The External City, One May Find Oneself Lost in a Crowd...)

The Third 10 Steps Sleeper, or Outside This Room, In the City, Everything Moves

21. Open your eyes. date:

22. Go to the wall and draw an arrow pointing down from Position One (AKA Lascaux). date:

23. Name this new location Position Three (AKA Sleeper...). Write this name on the wall. date:

24. Lie on the floor under the arrow to Position Three (AKA Sleeper...). date:

25. Hold your pencil to the wall as you remain lying on the floor. date:

26. Let the pencil move across the wall, don't try to guide it. Let the pencil drift. Don't think of drawing. Think of an EKG. Keep at this for some time (until it becomes uncomfortable). date:

27. Stand up and make all the necessary marks on your progress on the 99 Steps Chart and in Position One. Please remember to continue to chart your progress as we go along. date:

28. Return to Position Three (AKA Sleeper...). Mentally divide the possible drawings that could have been made in Position Three (AKA Sleeper...) into the following two types: Building or Street. Please write the appropriate title for your drawing next to it. date:

29. Circle all the information in Position Three (AKA Sleeper...). date:

30. Write the phrase in English 'Johnny Appleseed Slept Here' on the circle's outer edge. date:

The Next Set of 10